Private and confidential message from the desk of John Harrison

“I’ve Already Pulled In a Staggering £1,642,742 From This Simple Micro-Business…

Now I’m Ready To Hand It Over To You For Free… Lock Stock And Barrel…But Only If You Qualify!

Read on to discover why I’ve decided to do this now and how the recent lockdown and a new government loophole mean you’re now better placed to make big money from this than I ever was.”

   Dear Streetwise Customer,

I’ve never been able to offer anything like this before…

   Give me five minutes and I’ll tell you the story of how the lockdown combined with a recent government announcement you may have missed in all the confusion, have been the catalysts for an unprecedented opportunity…

   It’s one that will enable you to own a clone of a micro business I created, and have been running in the background for a while now, and has so far generated over £1.6 million in sales and…

Make Life-Changing Money Without Leaving Home.

   What I discovered in the lockdown combined with the loophole created by this overlooked government announcement has sent the potential of this micro business through the roof.

   And I’m going to hand you your own perfect ready-to-go copy of this £1.6m micro businesses for free…but only if you qualify. If you do, it’s no exaggeration to say that this will change your life. What happened in lockdown and the new loophole are real game changers.

   It was already a great game, but now it’s even better!

   Let me be clear. I’m going to set this up for you and do all the ‘spadework’ so you’re ready to turn the key, press GO! And start making money from Day One.

   And here’s the kicker…

   I won’t make a penny out of this until you do. So, I’m going to move heaven and earth to make sure you succeed.

   Okay let’s get into the details and find out whether you’re one of the lucky few (and it really will be a few) who get in on this…

First let me say that for once, this is a genuine shot at the really BIG money.

   If you’re looking for something to make a few extra quid, this isn’t the opportunity for you. There are plenty of other side-line ideas which I send you from time to time where you can make £5,000 – £20,000 a year. That sort of money is nice yes, but with what I’m going to give you here, you could soon be stuffing your bank account to bursting with hundreds of thousands of pounds!

   No teasing. No hints. By the time you’ve finished reading you’ll know exactly what it is I’m proposing, and how YOU can take over and run an autopilot version of my £1.6M microbusiness …within days.

The Years Are Ticking Away And There Won’t Be Many Chances Like This To Make All The Money You And Your Family Could Ever Need.

   So, if you’re ready, here’s what it’s all about…

   As you know I run Streetwise Publications. I’m not ashamed to say I’ve made a great deal of money from selling simple information products which help people change their lives for the better…to make more money, to get a better job, to save money, to get fitter, healthier and happier…that kind of thing.

   I’m not alone in cashing-in on this goldmine. There are several ‘serious players’ in the industry, all making multi-million-pound fortunes from exactly the same lucrative niche.

Even some of the small players make more from this in an hour a day than they used to in their full-time jobs. I’ve lost count of the number that have used it as a springboard to early retirement.

   You probably know all this. I’ve been banging-on about the profit potential of information for years, so this is not news to you. But what WILL be news to you is that this whole field is about to be given a turbo boost as a result of what I discovered in lockdown, the new loophole that is about to hit, and the opportunity that I’m presenting you with today.

   In a moment I’ll tell you how you can be one of the first to exploit ‘the new order’ and get your hands on what amounts to a big sack full of cash, by taking over my £1.6 Million micro-business. There is something in it for me of course, but that’s good news for you because we’ll be working together.

What will we be doing? All in good time…

   But first, imagine what a difference an extra £20,000 a month would make to your life. Particularly if you had to do hardly any work for it…

  • You could give up work entirely – forever!
  • You could buy the house of your dreams and maybe one or two tasty cars – brand new and paid for in cash.
  • You could take 5 Star holidays anywhere you choose.

   Wouldn’t that be great?

   You could have all of this and more!

   And even better, imagine having your wallet always stuffed FULL of cash and enough in the bank so you need never worry again – about anything!

   You could simply shrug in the face of even the largest bill.

   You’ve heard such promises before probably, so maybe you’re asking yourself: “Is this really possible?”

Yes it is!

Now here’s the thing…

  It’s an open secret that information publishing is a way of making a fortune. However, I’ve spoken to many people over the years who were desperate to get in on this lucrative money-train, but… no matter how hard they tried they simply couldn’t create products for themselves.

   Some tried getting others to create the products (For example by using sites like Upwork etc.) but what they got back most of the time was a load of rubbish cobbled together from the Internet by some desperate amateur from India or the Czech Republic.


  • Some bought product licences, but didn’t have sales letters that worked.
  • Some created beautiful websites but had no decent products to sell.
  • Some had both products and sales letters but didn’t have the knowledge or funds to attract enough paying customers.

   And most didn’t really know where to start as it all seemed a bit overwhelming.

   So, it’s no surprise that some intelligent, able and well-intentioned people fall by the wayside.

They Missed Out On The Good Life…The Opportunity To Live Debt Free, In Luxury For The Rest Of Their Lives.

   How sad to miss out on that – but I do understand that it’s not easy. If you’re not a writer or creative type, it can be hard to originate a really good manual on a hot selling topic. Let alone the half dozen or so manuals you’d need to run a lucrative home publishing business of your own.

   Even if you can do that, it can be tough to create compelling sales copy which turns the mildly curious into enthusiastic buyers.

   That’s the ‘golden ticket’ skill which very few can master quickly.

   And even if you can create the products and the copy, converting that into an autopilot business which pulls in cash 24 hours a day…even while you sleep… isn’t so simple – unless someone does it for you!

   That’s why I’m so excited about what I’m at last able to bring to you today. Because it solves all the problems…it removes all the obstacles…and then it goes on to take advantage of new information that even I wasn’t aware of until a few short weeks ago.

   And if you’re still worried about having to put your hand in your pocket for this, relax! Because I’m not going to ask you to pay a penny for the microbusiness I’m going to let you copy.

This Offer Just Goes To Prove It’s Not What You Know…It’s Who You Know!

   And by setting you on the path to your first million, I’m going to help myself as well (more about that later) so you can see why I’m fired-up about this too, just as I think you will be when I explain it fully to you.

The Ultimate Money-Generating Machine

   I’ve made a small fortune from selling simple information products through the post and on the Internet. I’m sure you know the sort of thing – books, CDs, manuals, monthly courses.

To Me, It’s The Best Business In The World – Bar None.

   I expect you know how it NORMALLY works, but let me remind you just in case…

   I send out letters, place small adverts in the press or put up a simple web page…and then wait for the money to come in.

   Then I send out the product (usually a simple A4 manual popped into a jiffy bag).

   And here’s the kicker…a typical product may cost about £5 to print/produce and you sell it for £97, £197, £297… even £497+!!!

   They’re great margins, but nobody is being exploited here. After all, it’s the value of the information which makes it worth the money, not the cost of ink and paper.

   I’ve been doing this for over a quarter of a century, and now I want to remove the barriers that have been holding you back and allow you to join me.

   Soon I’m going to reveal how you can get in on the action…and how what I just described got a whole lot better and easier for people like you and me.

Stay With Me On This One Because It Gets Even Better

   When you start to make this money, it isn’t just a flash in the pan, here today – gone tomorrow – although even that would be nice! No, you could be making this money day after day, year after year for a decade or more.

I’ve Been Doing This For Three Decades Now…

   Maybe you think it’s easy for me, but perhaps you won’t be able to do this? Well, let me reassure you – it was a lot harder for me, and with the ready-to-go-microbusiness I’ve put together for you today, it really couldn’t be any easier.

And I’ve Got a Vested Interest In Your Success…

   I’ll only make money from this when you do.

   There’s something magical about having virtual sacks of cash arriving every day, or switching on your PC to see a 4-figure sum has arrived overnight whilst you were sleeping. You know, I never get tired of it! It still thrills me even after three decades of doing it.

   Please understand this isn’t dry theory. I’m making tens of thousands a week from exactly what I’m handing you on a plate today.

   Let me tell you just a few of the great advantages of being a home-based information entrepreneur:

No Staff

   I’m a massive exception, I have staff. But everyone else I know who makes a fortune in this business does it without employing anyone. And the turnkey business I’m going to give you today will allow you to do precisely that. Heck, I’m even going to let you use my staff!

   The ‘work’ consists mostly of logging on to the Internet to check your daily sales figures.

   You could bank £10,000 a month easily from your kitchen table at home without breaking a sweat. Many people are happy with £10k a month and an easy, stress-free life. It’s your call. Or you can make far more – it’s up to you and how much you want to do.

Set Your Own Hours

   I used to hate having someone else tell me when to work. I resented people trying to tie me to their timetable. With your own information publishing set-up, you run this exactly when you want to – or not at all if you want time off. It’s up to you entirely. There is no boss, no timetable, no clock-watching.

Stupidly High Mark-Ups

   Forget those pathetic 30% mark-ups you get in almost every other business. How does 3000% sound? Mark up’s like that were routine for me…until I discovered I’D BEEN PAYING TOO MUCH ALL ALONG! In a moment I’ll explain how you can run this business with no product cost at all.

   That makes a big difference to your profits!

No Face-to-Face Selling

   I hate it, you probably hate it. Don’t do it! All of your transactions are done remotely and you never have to meet your customers.

No Premises

   If you think staff are a pain, try renting premises! The cost is horrendous. Then there is insurance, maintenance, running costs, fire escapes, toilets for the disabled, health and safety regulations, heating…the recent regulations regarding Covid 19 of course…it just goes on and on and on. I say “forget all that!”

You Can Easily Run This Whole Thing From The Kitchen Table At Home In A Few Minutes Each Week.

   The Ultimate Laptop Business!

   If you don’t want to stay at home (or you just enjoy travelling) you can run this business from a beach, a café or whilst on holiday. Imagine that!

   Each day you open your laptop, decide how much money you want to make – and half an hour later, snap it shut again and get on with having fun.

   No tedious commuting to work either!

Here’s what I’m going to do for you…

   I’m Going To Set You Up With A Complete Publishing ‘Empire’ Of Your Very Own So That You Can Start To Immediately Generate Money Without All The Hassle Of Creating Products, Writing Sales Letters, Setting Up a Website etc.

   Pause there for a moment whilst I reveal the two main ingredients of a million-pound information publishing business.

   Both of these ingredients must be in place before you can bank the river of cash which you’d better be prepared for once you press ‘GO’! (I’m looking forward to hearing from you when you bank £30,000+ in one month!)

Here are the two things you need…

  •    You need about 5 or 6 good information products on topics which will sell. This could take you two years to create, assuming you are a competent writer and you even know what will sell. Otherwise you need to pay a top-class writer to create them for you at about £4,000 a time. So that’s a £20,000+ immediate outlay! Add another £6,000 for graphic design work.
  • For each product you need a red-hot sales letter which will bring in orders. Unless you are a good copywriter, those letters will cost you £3,000 each MINIMUM to get written. And even then, there’s no guarantee they’ll work. So that’s another £15,000 on the table from day one. (Lack of great copy is a huge stumbling block.)

TOTAL (Just for starters): £40,000+

   Get these two things right (as many people have done) and an obscene amount of money will hit your account every day. Sure, you’ll need a website, some jiffy bags and a few other bits and pieces, but that’s about all.

   Here’s the exciting part…

Many Times, I’ve Had £100,000, £250,000…Even A Million Pounds Or More Profit From A Single Product And A Single Sales Letter!

   If you can tick those two boxes there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get very rich from this too, like many others have. The trouble is, that’s not quite so easy to put together yourself is it?

   At least five quality products and five sales letters? Write off two years putting that little lot together!

   Not to mention the forty-grand outlay.

   That’s why some people fall by the wayside. It’s just too expensive and too time consuming, even though it’s a total goldmine. Well you’ll be delighted to hear that you have NONE of these problems to worry about because…

I’m Offering You A Secret Back-Door
Entry Into The Money Vault.

   Here’s how…

   I’m going to provide you with your first five products ripped straight from my own personal best sellers list. They are products that have generated over £1.6 Million in sales for me to date. Not only that, but I am going to give you precisely the same sales letters I use to generate those sales.

   I wrote those letters and I’m still using them today to generate thousands of pounds in profit every single week. But I’m going to give you licences to these five products and five sales letters for free.

   Here they are. Perhaps you’ve bought some of them, or at least seen them offered for sale:

Product No.1

The S & P Siphon – Sells for £49

   Financial trading systems sell like crazy and trading from home is becoming increasingly popular. Many trading platforms reported huge increases in the number of subscribers during lockdown and all these people are eager to find a way to make money from their trading. This system manual reveals a unique signal on the S&P 500 indicating a significant profit opportunity.

   This a fast-selling entry level trading system and you can find the sales letter for it here.

Product No.2

The Hermes Strategy – Sells for £197

   Gambling continues to expand in popularity as a leisure activity, and the most popular activity of all is horse racing. The Hermes Strategy is the first of two horse racing information products in the portfolio. It uses a unique approach based on a key factor which nobody else seems to have identified – or at least used in the right way.

   This product was new for 2020 and has been one of this year’s best sellers. You can find the sales letter for it here

Product No.3

System 89P – Sells for £97

   Another horse racing system, and what a system! This is our best-selling horse racing strategy bar none. It has been a perennial favourite in our catalogue for well over a decade and still continues to sell as well as it always did in 2020.

   You can find the sales letter for System 89P here.

Product No.4

Vince Graham Seven Minutes a Day Bodysculpting Programme – Sells for £27

   A shift away from money making with this one. The Vince Graham Programme has been in our catalogue for 15 years and just sells and sells and sells. Everyone wants to get in better shape and they want to do it as quickly as possible. That’s what this system is all about, and the testimonials prove beyond doubt that it works.

   The lockdown resulted in a massive spike in interest in programmes like this as the gyms closed down and millions were forced to work out from home. That trend looks set to continue. Another product which will be selling for years.

   You can find the sales letter for The Vince Graham Programme here

Product No.5

One Letter From Retirement – Sells for £77

   The idea behind One Letter From Retirement is a compelling one – You can write a single sales letter and make enough money to give up work for ever. As someone who has written a 1,500-word letter that pulled in over £5 Million I can vouch first hand for this. It’s hardly a surprise that this is a very attractive proposal and that the manual sells in its thousands.

   You can find the sales letter for One Letter From Retirement here

   These are the products you’ll be selling on the website we’ll be setting up for you, and the letters you’ll be using to sell them.

Nobody Else Is Allowed To sell These Products…At All!

   I mention that in case you’re concerned that others are offering this deal.

   They’re not. It’s exclusive to me and my customers. No one outside Streetwise Publications has been authorised to sell any of these publications before today, let alone in the turnkey package I’ve created for you.

   Now I hope you’re feeling excited by the possibilities here. You should, because it gets even better!

Your Own Website!

   So, I’m providing you with five of my hottest selling products and five of my strongest pulling sales letters, but what do you do next?

   Well how about nothing?!

   You see, I’m going to arrange for the letters to be posted up on your own personal website at your own domain. I’ll get the domain registered in whatever name you choose, set up the website for you and then post up the sales letters there for you – ready for you to press ‘Go’ and start generating profits.

   I’m then going to arrange for you to have your own Aweber email tracking system in place so you can professionally promote each product.

   But what about dealing with all the orders. Won’t that be a hassle?

Well no!

   During lockdown I was forced to do something I’ve resisted for decades – to fulfil products digitally rather than as a printed book or manual through the post.  I didn’t think customers would like it – but guess what…they bought more manuals by download than they would have bought by post!

   They loved it!

   So that’s a win-win all round. The customers are getting a product they prefer and we have ZERO product cost and ZERO hassle sending the product out.

   Do you think you could make a profit if your product costs nothing?

   I’ll even send the downloads out to your customers for you if you like, so there’s absolutely nothing for you to do. Heck, I’ll even take payments and send all the money straight into your bank account if you want me to.

   That way, there’s absolutely nothing for you to do…at all! How easy would you like this to be?

And Then There’s Your Publishing Bible…

   You’ll also receive a copy of The Lazy Millionaire Publishers Handbook. It’s a virtual blueprint for turning your new website and product licences into cold hard cash, starting right away. In it, you’ll learn how to run and market your new business completely online. Here are some of the things you’ll learn:

  • How to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other social media to build your list of prospects and customers.
  • How to set up autoresponders for your email responses so that the system does all the work for you.
  • How to take payments online, and how you can pass that over to us if you can’t be bothered.
  • How to fulfil your product orders online without any print, post or packing costs…or have us do it for you.
  • How to enter into joint ventures to turbo charge your business.
  • How to quickly reach the point where everything runs on autopilot while you get on with your day.

   Just a quick recap then. Here’s what I’m going to give you:

  • A licence to sell five of our best-selling products.
  • A licence to use five of our strongest pulling sales letters.
  • Your own website, loaded up with the sales letters.
  • A licence to use our proven email promotions and advertisements.
  • Your own Aweber email management system.
  • The Lazy Publishing Millionaires Handbook.
  • Access to professional back-up every step of the way.

   And that means…

  • NO crazy £5,000 licence fee per product!
  • NO £5,000 seminar where you come and listen to an expert, then go home all fired-up but with little to put into action to get started immediately.
  • NO outlay in stock.
  • NO expense to produce ‘master’ artworks and master audios of the products.
  • NO £3,000+ per letter copywriting fees. You get my ready-to-use proven sales letters with each product.
  • Ready to roll, HOT products which you can start making cash from immediately.

   So, does this interest you? Is this the sort of thing you’ve been searching for?

Each Of Those Products Has A Profit Potential Of Between £30,000 And £100,000 – And Much More For Some Of Them.

  Here’s another gold-plated advantage. . .

Stay in Your Job Until You Make Good Money

   You don’t have to give up your job (if you have one) and risk everything. You can start part time – on the odd spare evening or weekend, like I did. Believe me you’ll soon be ready to dump that old job and devote your time to making some REAL money! Information publishing could give you a powerful new income stream.

Recession Proof

   Forget credit crunches, virus lockdowns, (my sales went UP during the lockdown) falling house prices and recession – these products sell BETTER in bad times than in good times. The reason is obvious – in bad times, people are keen to make more money and improve their lives.

This Business Could Transform Your Life In The Same Way It Transformed Mine – Why Shouldn’t YOU Become Seriously Wealthy As Well?

So Why Am I Doing This?

   Simple. I’d like to say it’s altruistic but actually there’s something in it for me…well actually two things!

   The first thing is a simple royalty. In return for setting all this up for you completely free of charge…the website…the email tracking system…the product licences…the sales letter licences and the ongoing help, advice and support, I’d like a share of your profits.

   I’d like 10% of your net profit in return. I’m not going to audit this or start chasing you. I’d like to think this is an arrangement between honourable people and I’ll be relying on your honesty to pay me. I know that you will.

   And the second reason?

   Well, these days my main interest is in high value products (£2,000 – £5,000) and I’m always on the hunt for hot prospects for these products.

   And do you know the hottest source of those prospects?

   It’s the people who’ve paid £27-£197 for the sort of high-quality information products I’m going to provide you with!

   So, can you see why I’m doing this?

   You’re going to attract hordes of eager customers for your products, who later on are going to be even HOTTER for my high price-tag products.

   All you’ll need to do (and there’s no compulsion, but I think you’d be crazy not to) is to alert your customers when I have a high value product to sell. I’ll contact them on your behalf if you like. And here’s what’s great…when they buy…

   I’ll send you half the money.

   Just imagine…you have, say, 200 customers who’ve each paid you £197 for one of your products (that’s £39,400 in your account for starters!). You decide to Joint Venture with me and I contact those 200 people for you with a £3,000 product. Ten of them sign up (a 5% response…quite reasonable with a hot list like this) and that’s a further £15,000 to you… just like that.

   There’s NOTHING for you to do apart from bank the cheque I’ll send you (I do this sort of deal all the time by the way. In the last 12 months I’ve sent out cheques totalling £274,159.00 in such profit splits).

   Only the more switched-on will ‘get this’ of course, but that’s fine as I’m only looking for a few people anyway. People like you. I hope. And if you’re successful, I can be compensated too because we’ll set things up together so that I will make 50% on each expensive product we sell together to your list, later on down the line. You get to keep 50% too, of course.

   I hope that’s fair for you? Also, it means I will have a strong vested interest in your success.

Okay, let’s get down to it and tell you exactly how you can get on board…

   I’ve called this The Lazy Millionaire Publishing System and I’m looking for a small number of motivated, hungry people who can see a unique opportunity when it’s presented to them.

   This invitation is for YOU only, so please do not pass this offer on to anyone else.

   If you are accepted, we’ll start work immediately, creating your own personal online microbusiness for you. We’ll set up your website, load up all the sales letters and get your email tracking system set up and ready to go. It will be up and running and ready to start generating profits for you in a matter of days.

   You will also receive lifetime worldwide licences for the five product and the five proven sales letters that have generated over £1.6 Million for me so far.

Your Licences Mean You Can Sell As Many Copies Of The Products As You Like…For ever!

   Licences like this usually start at £1,000 and can be anything up to £20,000 EACH!!!

   You will also receive PDF copies of all five products so that when you get an order, all you need do is send a digital copy to your customer. No printing, no packing and no postage to pay for.

Just Another Quick Recap

   From Day One In Your New Business, You Will Have…

  • Your own personal website set up on your own domain
  • Worldwide licences to five of our best-selling products that have reached sales in excess of £1.6 Million to date
  • Worldwide licences to the five red hot sales letters that have generated those £1.6 Million in sales
  • All sales letters loaded up on to your website
  • PDF copies of all five products
  • A file containing email promotions and teasers for each of the five products
  • An Aweber email tracking programme linked to your website so you can track and follow up enquiries and sales.
  • A step-by-step manual explaining everything you need to know about your new microbusiness.

   Remember we’re here to help every step of the way.

  • If you want us to send out the orders for you, we can do it
  • If you want us to collect the cash and forward it on to you, we can do it.
  • If you or your customers have any queries or there’s anything you don’t understand, we’ve allocated a key member of our team to help.

And This Isn’t The End…Far From It!

   Special Bonus…

When you join me in this, I’m also going to give you…

  • A worldwide licence to give away my best-selling book ‘How To Stop Working And Make A Million Pounds Instead’.
  • A licence to the proven sales letter for the book.

   What better way to generate a list of people interested in what you’re selling, than to give them something valuable for free? I’ll even send the book out to your customers for you, so again, there’s nothing for you to do.

And it Gets Even Better

   The more products you have to sell, the more money you’ll make. And I want you to make as much as you possibly can. So, after you join us, I’m going to issue you a new worldwide product and sales letter licence for one of our red-hot products, each and every month.

   So, you’ll have a constantly expanding publishing empire – if that’s what you want.

And All I want out of it is…

   A 10% royalty on any profit you make – I won’t chase you on this, we’re going to work on trust – and for you to consider alerting your customers to some of my high value products in return for a 50/50 share of the proceeds.

   Again, I’m not going to chase you on this. If you don’t want to do it, that’s up to you, but I think you’d be crazy not to!

So Do You Qualify?

   Now here comes the acid test. I said at the outset that, I would set up this autopilot clone of this microbusiness for you for free… but only if you qualify.

   You see, I’m not selling anything here. What I’m hoping to do is enter into a long-term business relationship with people of action. This is a serious business proposition, and because of that I have to make sure that whoever takes me up on this is serious about making money with it.

   It’s going to cost me a lot of money to secure your domain, and set up your website and email tracking system and then supply you with your product licences, your sales copy licences, your manual, and the products and copy which go with that. I’m having to commit resources to providing back up and support as well.

It Would Cost You Tens Of Thousands Of Pounds To Do This For Yourself

   And remember, I only make money when you make money. So, I hope you can understand that I have to put in place some kind of ‘inertia filter’ to ensure that whoever takes this up does so with the best of intentions, and not just because it’s free.

   There is absolutely no fee for this package, but I am going to ask you for an advance on the 10% royalty I mentioned earlier. This advance can then be deducted from future royalty’s payable to me, making The Lazy Millionaire Publishing System totally free of charge to you.

   How much will the royalty advance be?

   £10,000 perhaps, or maybe £20,000?

   Don’t worry, even though the potential of this means you would make that back very quickly, I’m not going to ask for that sort of advance or anything like it.

   I came up with a figure of £5,000, and I think that’s more than fair given the amount of time, effort and money involved in getting you up and running. But I don’t need to ask for that much. All I’m trying to do is dissuade ‘freeloaders’ who will happily let me incur several hundred pounds in costs setting them up and then do…nothing.

   And I think I can do that by asking for a small advance of just £1,997. Hopefully that is enough to weed out the ‘timewasters’ but still allow anyone who genuinely wants to profit from this, to get involved.

   Remember this is just a deposit against royalties. It means your first £20,000 worth of profit will be completely royalty free.

   The only other payment I’ll ask from you is £97 as advance royalties on each of the new publications and sales letters which will be added to your portfolio each month. You can cancel this monthly payment at any time if you wish, although this would cut off the pipeline of new publications to add to your site.

   If you decide to stop adding new publications to your business, that doesn’t affect anything else. You can still continue to sell everything else in the normal way – including our high value products on a 50/50 basis – and still take advantage of our help, advice and support.

   So, this monthly advance royalty payment is completely optional after the first month is paid, but I really do recommend you keep it up. New products are the lifeblood of any business.

The Deal In Summary:

For a royalty deposit of £1,997, you will receive:

  • Your own personal website set up on your own domain
  • Worldwide licences to five of our best-selling products that have reached sales in excess of £1.6 Million to date
  • Worldwide licences to the five red hot sales letters that have generated those £1.6 Million in sales
  • All sales letters loaded up on to your website
  • PDF copies of all five products
  • A file containing email promotions and teasers for each of the five products
  • An Aweber email tracking programme linked to your website so you can track and follow up enquiries and sales.
  • A step by step partner manual explaining everything you need to know about your new microbusiness.

   And then each month you will receive another worldwide licence to a new product and sales letter for a further royalty advance of £97.

   You can then deduct any of the advances paid from royalty payments due as you start to make money, making everything you’ve had totally free of charge. By the way, all advances against royalties are a business expense that can be set against your income tax

So, It’s Decision Time…

   People who know about this are banking £10k+ a month – from just ONE product! These are ordinary people, with no special skills or talents who just decided to cut themselves a better break in life.

Isn’t It Time That You Had A Share In This Kind Of Action?

   Maybe what’s stopped you is lack of products and know-how?

   Perhaps you’ve been tempted by (or even attended) £5,000 a ticket ‘licensing’ seminars where you get a bit of knowledge and a few licences (and no sales letters!) for some rather tired products. Fine if you’ve got that kind of money! But supposing you want ‘in’ to this mountain of money and only have a few hundred to start with

   That’s where The Lazy Millionaire Publishing System can really help.

   Believe Me, You Don’t Want To Be Retired And Broke In The Coming Years – It won’t Be Fun. You Are NOT Going To Get A Pension Worth Having. If You Don’t Start To Take Action NOW, You Will Be Left Behind.

   Are you a man or woman of action or are you sitting back waiting for your boat to come in? Are you pinning your hopes on winning the lottery?

   Please don’t do that!

   You must be a person of action. You don’t need to be a hard worker because there’s very little work to do, but you MUST be a person of action.

   This is not ‘pie in the sky’. This works. It’s easy. It’s here for you right now.

   But only if you act fast. This is a strictly limited offer. Once the places are gone, then that’s it. I’m sure you understand. This won’t come around again,

   This Is Likely To Be WAY Oversubscribed, So If You’re Having Serious Doubts Right Now, It’s Probably Best To Step Aside And Let Someone Who REALLY Wants To Take Advantage Of This Opportunity, Step Up And Grab It.

   I have NEVER been able to make a deal like this and don’t expect to EVER do it again. There are few things which can genuinely make you a LOT of money – this is one of them.

   Enough said?

To join me in The Lazy Millionaire Publishing System Click Here
Or Call Our Office On 01709 361819 (24hr)

You’ve read this far – you could walk away, but. . . wouldn’t you hate yourself for missing out on what is literally a once in three decades opportunity?

   A wise man once said that at the end of your life it is the things you didn’t do that you regret most. Don’t let this be one of those things.

   Act NOW or someone else will grab this!

   I look forward to partnering you in this and helping change your life for the better.

Best Regards

John Harrison

To join me in The Lazy Millionaire Publishing System Click Here
Or Call Our Office On 01709 361819 (24hr)

PS. Almost forgot…that piece of legislation I told you about? Before the end of 2020 VAT will be zero-rated for digital books and manuals. That’s like adding 20% to your bottom-line profits for no effort. So that covers my 10% royalty and an extra 10% for you!

PPS. Just worked out that if you just bought the books and manuals, you’ll be getting the licences for, it would set you back £450, and you’re getting those free with the package!

PPPS. To protect everyone who partners with us, we’ve put together some terms and conditions which you can read here. All just common sense really, but take a look.

Something you’re not sure about? I’ve put together an easy-to-follow Q&A here.