What’s The Story?

John Harrison from Streetwise Publications answers some of your questions about this unique partnership offer.

Can you summarise what’s on offer here?

Yes, I’m giving people the opportunity to take control of their own fully functioning and proven publishing business without lifting a finger or paying a penny for it. I’m looking for the right kind of people to partner with me on, what I think is, a unique project.

Who are the right kind of people?

Well I won’t say ‘hard working’ because hard work isn’t really needed. But I am looking for men and women of action – people who are keen to start making serious money from home and are prepared to set the wheels in motion.

What form does the business take?

It’s a home-based publishing business – a perfect copy of a micro-business I set up myself. It’s common knowledge that home publishing can be very lucrative, but a lot of people struggle with some aspect or other – whether that be creating the products, writing the sales letters or handling the nuts and bolts aspects of running the business. That’s where we come in.

How so?

The business package we’ve put together contains everything you need to start making money from day one. There are product and sales letter licences for five of our best-selling products that have generated sales of £1.6 Million so far. There’s a website under your own domain with all the sales letters loaded up for you. There’s a bespoke email promotion and tracking system. And then there’s access to our ongoing help, training and support relating to absolutely everything in and around the business.

A lot of people have tried publishing from home and come up short. Why is this different?

Nothing like this has been offered before. The people who try and fail always have something missing. Sometimes the products aren’t right, sometimes the promotional materials aren’t available, and if they are, they’re not very good. Other times they just can’t handle the administration side. What we’ve done with this is cover everything. It’s exactly what we use to generate thousands of pounds in profit every week. We haven’t left out a single thing. Everything is right.

Why are you doing this?

There are two reasons. Firstly, I’m asking my partners in this to pay me a 10% royalty on their profits in return for me setting everything up for them. The second reason concerns my other high value products. I know that the people who buy the five products in this package will be hot prospects for my higher value products. I’m going to be sharing the revenue 50/50 with my partners on those products if they find a customer for me. It’s business I wouldn’t otherwise have and my new partners benefit financially, so everyone wins.

Can anyone do this?

Yes, absolutely. Previously you needed to have some expertise in either writing, copywriting or marketing to make a success of a home publishing business, but with this new package, we’ve taken care of all of that for you. The only thing one of our new partners needs to bring to the table is a willingness to put the tools to work which we’ve provided for them. If they do that, success is assured.

Is this a good time to be going into the home publishing business?

There has never been a better time. People are coming out of the Coronavirus crisis in urgent need of new ways to make money. That’s what the majority of these products provide. During the lockdown period, we discovered that customers are happy to receive products like these as a digital download, so that means zero product costs. After December 2020, digital download books and manuals will also be zero rated for VAT – another reason why now is a great time to get into this.

All of this means it’s the perfect time to become one of our publishing partners working from home. On that last point, being able to work, and make money, from home has become more important than ever in recent months, and this will allow you to do it. I think everyone can see that this is the way things are heading.

Do you do anything to help beyond the initial package?

Absolutely. We will only make money out of this if our customers do and so I’ve pulled out all the stops. The initial package is just the start.

I’ve tasked a key member of our staff with providing full back up and support on this for as long as anyone needs it. He will be on hand to provide any help, support and advice needed. In addition, we’ll be releasing a new publishing package every month comprising a licence for one of our proven manuals and sales letters. So partners can regularly add to their publishing portfolio each month.

There really is no easier or more cost-effective way to build a publishing business than the one we’ve put together here.

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